Sunday, November 25, 2012

Kindle For PC - You Can Now Read Books Directly on Your Computer

In November Amazon announced they were going to offer Kindle for PC. Even better the announcement included that it would be for free. When Amazon stated they were going to release Kindle for computers this did not mean a whole new physical machine. Instead it means they have released the Kindle software to work with PC's and Mac's. The PC version came out as a download without charge for more than 100 countries. At the time the Mac version was not ready.

This application ties up the electronic world for Amazon. They already released a next generation Kindle and the Kindle software for the iPhone, so it made sense to provide the Kindle software in a computer format. The electronic books for the PC Kindle are not free. They are like any other Kindle option. You will have to purchase the books you want to read, but you now have more platforms in which to read the books. Amazon is still offering a free overview of the first two chapters of any book and occasionally they have non- mainstream books available for free.

The Kindle for PC version provides color for certain books like graphic novels and other graphic documents one might be interested in reading. Windows 7 users are going to gain more from the PC version because it allows for finger gestures to enhance the experience. It will seem like one is reading a real book with a finger pinch to zoom, as well as a finger swipe to turn the pages.

Kindle For iPhone - Get the Lowdown on the Kindle iPhone App

Amazon has outdone itself again. Just within days of launching the Kindle 2, Amazon also released its new Kindle iPhone app and sent iPhone users scrambling to download the free app and trying it out. The verdict? iPhone owners have been impressed enough that many of them have jumped on the Kindle bandwagon and have purchased one themselves.

How exactly does this Kindle iPhone app work? For starters, it's like having an extension of your Kindle with you wherever you go. If you're one of those who think that reading the Kindle even while waiting in lines or taking subway rides is a bit overdoing it, then the iPhone app is the answer to your reading dilemma. Take the iPhone with you anywhere and take advantage of short bursts of reading your Kindle books whenever you have some free time.

Applicable for both the iPhone and iPod touch, the Kindle for iPhone app has even taken the effort to make reading from the iPhone a pleasant experience. Given that the iPhone is a compact device, the readability is still great with 5 font sizes to choose from. Plus, going through pages is easily done with just a mere swipe of the screen right to left, or back. For bookmarking pages, finding the table of contents, going to the beginning or a specific location, and looking at the image cover, a couple of taps is all it takes as well.

Accessing all your Kindle books even without the Kindle around is also possible with the Kindle iPhone app. Just log-in to your Amazon account and download any of your books stored there straight to your iPhone. Even better, you can continue to read right where you left off from either device, thanks to Kindle's Whispersync technology. Make sure to sync your Amazon Kindle or iPhone before leaving and either one of them will automatically go to the last page read when you resume reading.

Another great thing about the Kindle iPhone app is that it gives the reader a full-color version of the images from its LCD screen, as opposed to the Kindle's shades of gray. What it cannot do however, is permanently replace the Kindle as the choice reading device. While the iPhone acts as a perfect foil to the Kindle, the latter's e-paper technology, wide screen, and superior readability is still the best device for hours of nonstop reading.

However exciting the new Kindle for iPhone may be, it still has a few downsides. First, buying books from Amazon or even just browsing available titles directly through the app is not yet possible. Moreover, the Kindle iPhone app is currently exclusive for ebooks and not for newspapers and magazines as yet. And one more thing, the dictionary feature is not available yet on the Kindle for iPhone app. These are minor drawbacks though, and with the way things are going with the Kindle, these features are surely not far off.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Introducing Amazon Kindle For iPhone Applications

The recently released Kindle for iPhone applications by Amazon has provided iPhone users the opportunity of enjoying the outstanding e-book reading experienced known from all Kindle eBook reader models. It has given all iPhone holders the rare opportunity to enjoy more than 240,000 Kindle-formatted books from Amazon's e-book library without the need to buy Kindle readers. What's more fun is that this Kindle iPhone application can be downloaded for free. All you need to do is gain access to Amazon's Application Store.

For several months, Amazon has been working for their iPhone-enabled Kindle applications. Seeing the software as the way to introduce non-Kindle users or owners to the power of their remarkable product, Amazon hopes that software accessible and usable to the iPhone crowd will pave way for more people to gain interest to their products. In addition, the software also presents all Kindle owners with additional ways of reading and enjoying their downloaded content while on the go.

The free Kindle applications software enables the users of popular Apple mobile devices to download and read ebooks from Amazon's Kindle store. After the software is successfully installed, it will enable users to send eBook content to their iPhone or ipod Touch. Once the software is launched, the user will be greeted by a setup screen, asking him to log in to his Amazon account. After typing-in the username and password, the user is not bound to meet his empty bookshelf, which will be filled once he starts downloading eBook content. Sadly, eBook content browsing and download cannot be performed by directly using the Apple gadget. You will need your Mac or PC to buy books on the Amazon site. However, this issue may be addressed with the release of Amazon's later software versions.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Kindle for Textbooks?

Many persons have wondered if they are able to get college textbooks on Kindle? Yes, you certainly can.

Not just can you get quite a few textbooks formatted for Kindle, it is possible to save your self a bundle by going this route over standard textbooks.As of now, December 6, 2010, you can find 1,345 outcomes for college textbooks for Kindle on Amazon, and this quantity will boost steadily over time.

If you have ever wondered in regards to the benefits of school textbooks on Kindle, there are plenty of benefits to going this route.

For one you will not break your back carrying your textbooks within your Kindle like you'd inside your backpack. Also, e-textbooks may well really properly be a greener choice than classic textbooks are. Not merely will you save trees, you also usually are not contributing to pollution from shipping books across the nation or even across the continent.

Despite the fact that investing in a Kindle is often a fair outlay initially, it really is a one-time buy, as you can find no subscription fees using the Kindle.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Review - Kindle For iPhone

I recently installed Kindle for iPhone and discovered I LIKE reading on my iPhone.

I have been hesitant to adopt any e-book technology because I really like holding and reading traditional books. But I was out of town and desperate for a new book to read. As a result, I downloaded Kindle for iPhone and then downloaded Nineteen Seventy Four, book one of the Red Riding Quartet. Although the iPhone screen is pretty small compared to Kindle or iPad, if you turn the iPhone sideways, it's about as wide as one paperback book page. Also, you can specify the font size and background color in the iPhone Kindle app so you can quickly adjust the font size to your preference.

Navigating on Kindle is quite easy: tap the right side of the screen to turn the page forward, tap the left side of the screen to turn the page backward, or swipe right or left to turn the page forward or backward. To view Kindle options, tap the middle of the page.

Reading on the Kindle is pretty natural. I quickly got used to the small screen and found the text and backlight very easy on my eyes. Also, the iPhone is much easier to hold than a book and you can read in the dark without a light.